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Social Style Profiles from the TRACOM group

TRACOM is The Creator of SOCIAL STYLE®.  The original SOCIAL STYLE Model and Assessment was created by TRACOM more than 60 years and has helped millions of people and tens of thousands of organisations. Today’s SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s most powerful, effective and flexible interpersonal skills program available. Key features include;

Versatility Skills – Versatility is the best predictor of success and the key to boosting interpersonal effectiveness. Knowledge of SOCIAL STYLE is important, but the application of Versatility is what truly drives results. TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Profile measures SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility. Check out our new Rater Research Study which shows that individuals who score high in Versatility demonstrate greater success in many job functions or view other research on the business impact of Versatility.

Audience-Specific Versions – We offer Style assessments and training programs for everyone and have tailored versions specifically for sales professionals and managers.  These tailored versions enable your people to get feedback on how they compare to their peers and learn to apply these skills in real-world situations that tie directly to their jobs.  Learn more about Job Families.

Flexible Length and Pricing – We offer a SOCIAL STYLE course and assessment to serve any audience.  From short, online learning to intensive hands-on courses, you can pick the option that will achieve the necessary results and fit any budget.   Assessments are available in Self-Perception or Multi-Rater version.  You can easily build our content into your own courses. Learn more about our Programs and Products

International Languages and Norms – All of TRACOM’s online profiles use norms for accuracy. Norms, or normative comparisons as they are technically called, provide a mechanism for people to compare themselves with one another. This increases the validity of the information and increases learner acceptance.  We have norms for different job roles such as salespeople or managers as well as for more than 60 countries and geographic regions.  We also offer online surveys and profile reports in more than 20 languages.  Learn more about International Norms or our Language Options here.

Online Learning and Resources – SOCIAL STYLE courses are available in fully online versions and a combination of eLearning and instructor-led training.  We also offer a variety of web-based resources to enhance your learner’s experience and performance.  The SOCIAL STYLE Navigator provides helpful tips and advice on applying SOCIAL STYLE in common work situations as well as  SOCIAL STYLE Estimator to quickly estimate anybody’s Style.  It even integrates directly with to boost selling results, allowing Salesforce users to assess and track their clients’ and prospects’ SOCIAL STYLE.

Easiest Model to Learn and Apply – An independent university study compared SOCIAL STYLE with the DiSC Model and Myers-Briggs (MBTI) and found that SOCIAL STYLE was easier for people to learn and apply.  See the results.

Facilitator Support  We prepare you to teach Style courses with a robust set of resources including the SOCIAL STYLE Facilitator Handbook and facilitator kits that work hand in hand with participant materials. For those teaching advanced courses, certification is available to ensure a high-quality learning experience. Our SOCIAL STYLE certification process is easy, effective and affordable.

Unsurpassed Service and Support – You’re never alone when working with TRACOM.  From our talented team of Client Service Representatives (who will get to know you and your team personally) to our advanced online survey and management tools, TRACOM supports you at every step of the journey