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Building Resilience

At Mind4 we develop your Resiliency skills, overcoming the natural, counterproductive tendencies we have developed over the centuries, that get in the way of personal success.(Read More)

Developing Mental Agility

Mind4 helps organisations to develop Agile individuals who capitalise on changes in the environment, challenge the status quo and constantly look for ways to improve.(Read More)

Navigating Change Effectively

Studies show most people are ill-equipped to handle constant pressures at work, however can overcome challenges by increasing mental and emotional resilience.(Read More)

Dealing with Stress

It is not the stress that diminishes our engagement and our productivity at work, but rather how we respond to stress. At MIND4 we look at strategies to help you practically deal with stress.  (Read More)

Employee Engagement

The Adaptive Mindset model is designed to instill mental resiliency in people allowing focus on results rather than lingering effects of conflict and adverse situations.(Read More)

Wellness Progammes

MIND4 uses TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency programme, which has been designed to work in conjunction with wellness programs and Occupational Health professionals. (Read More)

Would You Believe it?

Some Interesting Percentages!

Age 5 - Children scoring genius level for Creativity
Age 35 - Adults scoring genius level for Creativity
employees saying they are less productive at work due to stress.
Employees reporting that stress impacts their career decisions.
Are you ready to be amazed?

What do you know about your brain?

There are many myths about our brains which are more urban legend than actual fact. A popular one is that we only use 10% of our brains, which has no basis in science as scans now show that we generally use all of our brain. A more accurate statistic would be that 10% of our brains are made up of Neurons, which we can understand more fully than the remaining 90% of our brains, which are made of Glial cells. In order to develop a healthy brain we should be eating well, sleeping well, taking regular exercise and keeping your brain stimulated. However building a resilient brain is important as well and at MIND4, we are now able to give you a proven range of practical techniques to develop a more Adaptive Mindset.

How much off our brain do we use?99%
Percentage of people who believe the "We only use 10% of our brain" Myth65%
How much of our available resources (oxygen and glucose) does our brain use?20%
By 80 years old the average human brain has lost what percentage of its original weight?15%
Amount of Over 65 year olds with Dementia in UK in 20147%
How much of our weight is made up by the average brain?4%
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Appreciating the Present Moment

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” – Mother Theresa


Being Grateful

 “As soon as we wish to be happier, we are no longer happy.” – Walter Landor

Building a Resilient Mindset

Developing an Adaptive Mindset through a range of strategies;
– Learning to control your Automatic Thinking Patterns
– Giving to Others
– Realistic Optimism
– Acting “As If”
– Developing Gratitude
– Mindfullness

Developing Mental Agility

Learning to explore your own creativity and driving innovation through to practical application

Promoting Wellness

Practical steps to creating a culture of wellness.

Developing a change focussed culture

Embracing change and the practical skills to become an agent for change in your organisation.

Employee Engagement

Creating the right culture in your organisation to achieve your business objectives.

Dealing with Stress

Learning to develop techniques to reduce the effect of stress in our everyday working lives.

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Who are we?

Meet some of the Mind4 team

  • Gary Eversfield

    Business Development

    Gary enjoyed a 20 year career in business to business publishing sales with Reed Business Information, working on marking leading titles including Personnel Today and the HR Directors Club in a a range of Sales and Management positions. As a qualified tree surgeon Gary started G4 Gardens Ltd in 2008, building a successful business employing a full time team of seven and working with commercial and domestic customers. Since selling his business in November 2016 he has taken up a new exciting challenge, developing Mind4.

  • Graham Price

    Graham Price – Mental Agility and Resiliency Specialist

    Founding Partner

    After 10 years in Senior Training and Development Roles for large corporate organisations Graham set up on his own to provide the very best in Team and Leadership Development. Over the last 20 years, designing and delivering training, his interest in how the brain functions and how to engage and use it more effectively has led to the creation of MIND4.

  • Karen Bushnell

    Training Consultant

    With over 20 years experience in Training and development, Karen’s career began in sales with two large companies in the U.K and in Bahrain. Karen worked as a Sales training manager, and Management development consultant with Yell.com for over 14 years, and has since worked as a Development consultant with wide range of companies delivering a broad range of soft skills programmes.

  • Richard Claessens


    With over 30 years’ experience of working in sales and senior sales management, Richard started his career selling high value machine tools to the glass processing industry. This was followed by over 24 years working in advertising and digital marketing sales, where he built and trained new sales teams to sell a range of Internet based products to high value key accounts. He now trains other business people in sales and sales management skills and is a certified Social Skills and Versatility practitioner. Richard is also a licensed coach with UK Athletics.

  • Rob Moon

    Training Consultant

    Before working with Mind4 Rob was a training consultant at Yell, following on from a career in sales ay Yell. An experienced soft skills trainer with a wide range of courses in his toolkit, he is passionate about change and developing people to their full potential.

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