Employee Engagement stagnating in organisations

Employee Engagement

An interesting article by Gallup on employee engagement shows that only around a third of employees are actively engaged at work. However, what is more alarming is that two thirds of employees are not engaged with work and around a fifth of employees are actively disengaged. Organisations which actively engage employees outperform their rivals in every sector, yet many organisations are still hesitant to even recognise or tackle this issue, especially when absenteeism rates are high.

According to research* by Youssef & Luthans (2007), employees with increased Mental Resilience not only perform at a higher level, by adopting active approaches to adversity and viewing stress in a positive way, but are also more committed to their organisations. Tracom have now developed Adaptive Mindset profiles and courses to to improve resilience and ultimately organisational performance and employee engagement. These are not the only benefits though as they can also help increase work-life integration as well as helping employees take a more proactive and positive approach to change.

*Youssef, Carolyn M. and Luthans, Fred, “Positive Organizational Behavior in the Workplace: e Impact of Hope, Optimism, and Resilience” (2007). Management Department Faculty Publications. Paper 36

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