Mental Agility – Can we adapt to change more effectively?

Mental Agility Adapting to Change

Developing our mental agility is a key aspect of dealing with change more effectively, however it is one of the areas we consider the least. Considering the old adage “the only constant is change”, change still often catches us unaware and unprepared. The danger for many of us lies in our habitual behaviour, which drives much of our working day and is most often “Business as Usual”. If we were to film or monitor ourselves over an average day and rate our observations of our self as either consistent, or random behaviour we would be shocked how habitual our actual behaviour is.

One aspect of developing Mental Agility is to consciously reduce our behavioural habits and just become less fixed and rigid in our day to day behaviours. Just ask yourself;

  • Do you travel to work the same route every day?
  • Do you have the same breakfast everyday?
  • Do you eat at the same time every day?
  • Do you read the same paper every day/week?
  • Do you do the same workout at the gym?
  • Do you walk the dog the same route every day?
  • Do you park in the same space every day?
  • Do you buy your coffee from the same place every day?
  • Do you watch the same TV Programme every day/week

If you answer yes to many of the questions then it may be time to start working on your mental agility. In fact make your own questions up and challenge yourself to break these behaviours and embrace change in your everyday life. The choice is yours but you may surprise yourself on how much you enjoy the process of incorporating change in your life.

Mental Agility Programmes from MIND4

The Agility IDEA Model from the TRACOM Group consists of four dimensions (eight elements) and is designed to revolutionize participants’ habitual thinking and unlock the reservoir of innovative potential that resides in all of us. Investigate – Openness – Energize – Apply

Investigate – Looking for opportunities to improve current services, work processes, or products.

Design – Generating concepts that lead to improvement.

Energize – is the ability to influence others, building coalitions, and mobilizing support for new ideas.

Apply – is showing boldness and risking mistakes; putting an idea into a practical plan, testing and modifying the plan, and making new ideas a regular part of the work process.

This programme is available in 3.5 Hour and 6.5 Hour sessions

More Details about the Agility IDEA Model here

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